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CFEngine Documentation Index Updated

Recently, the CFEngine documentation site was completely overhauled, resulting in an easier-to-navigate, easier-to-search experience (also easier to extend, since it’s all hosted on GitHub now).

I have just updated the CFEngine documentation index hosted on this site to point to the new documentation. The interface is the same: you go to, replacing keyword with your search term. This will automatically redirect you to the appropriate section in the CFEngine documentation. If the term matches more than one section, you will be given a list of potential matches, and also a link to do a search for that term directly in the documentation site.

Some examples:

As part of the update, the index has been expanded to include everything in the documentation site (before it only indexed the main users’ guide), so you can use it to find things not only in all the reference documents, but also in the manuals and even in the examples.

As I’ve said before, I think the real power of this index is in its use as a browser keyword search. The method for doing this varies from browser to browser. With Safari on OS X I use the KeySearch extension, so I can just type “cf ifvarclass” on the Safari address bar, and go directly to the documentation about ifvarclass.

Happy searching! And of course, please let me know if you find anything missing or broken.